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Metal Material

Though metal materials have many advantages, they are often a source of headaches for product designers. Metal materials are extremely sturdy and durable. Additionally, they have good heat dissipation and conductivity, and a unique appearance with the lustre of metallic. On the contrary, however, due to widespread oxidation and the corrosion of metal materials, each type has various characteristics. Depending on the material chosen, the yield strength, hardness, tensile strength, and more can vary, making it a challenge for product designers to select the correct metal materials.

Case Sharing: Mobile Cell Site

Many Swedish startups are well-known for their innovations in the communications field. In 2019, a start-up company came to Chain-Ray. Its latest product was an aluminum mobile cell site that weighs only 8kg and can fit into a 20-inch hand luggage. It can help users in many different situations. Though a better communication network was highly desirable, aviation law stipulates that hand luggage cannot exceed 7kg, and the product cannot be stored in checked baggage because of the battery inside the cell site. It was too heavy, however, to be carried onto the plane as hand luggage. After a word-of-mouth introduction, this customer found Chain-Ray to help solve these problems. Since Chain-Ray has a material database of more than 25,000 materials,we quickly found a solution to replace aluminum with magnesium alloy, successfully addressing the customer’s issue.