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Medical Materials

Products in the medical field are closely related to people's lives. For this reason, the standards for medical-related products in every country are quite rigorous and complicated. Whether the products are disposable medical consumables, repetitive medical instruments, containers used in laboratories, maintenance of medical personnel protection equipment, medical aids to help the disabled, or others, the correct medical materials should be carefully selected.

Chain-Ray’s material database of more than 25,000 entries includes materials that have passed USP VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility tests, or JIS Z-2801 formulated by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Antibacterial standard materials are also available, as well as medical plastic injection-grade materials with high mechanical properties and transparency.

If you need to design and produce medical-related products, our material service department can provide the most complete support, from material consultation and sales, to product sample production all the way to final product mass production. Let Chain-ray eliminate the difficulties and complete the process within your desired timeframe.

Case Sharing: The No.1 Hearing Aid Provider

A leading hearing aid brand with the highest market share in the world has been one of Chain-Ray’s loyal customers since 2012. Since the hearing aids manufactured by this customer are also medical devices, they must pass waterproof tests (such as sweat, splash, and water) and biological tests. There must be compatibility testing, including non-toxic, non-skin irritation and other medical equipment testing standards. So, before a new product was to be designed, we met with the client to discuss which standard tests the new product is expected to pass. Chain-Ray then screened out suitable candidate materials in the material database and provided a property comparison chart of the candidate materials according to the needs of the customer. In this case, we helped the customer to find the ideal medical materials to create the product and successfully pass the medical device standard tests within the shortest time limit.