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Principle 1

We can accurately translate all customer needs into actual product specifications and technologies.

Whether you have done market research or consumer interviews and have a clear grasp of customer preferences and needs, or only have the very roughest of outlines for a product idea in your mind, Chain-Ray can accommodate you. If you already have a good understanding of the functions of the product, we will listen, discuss and transform your subjective ideas, needs and expectations of the product into objective product specifications and technical specifications, such as:

  • Glossy level
  • Hardness
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Tolerance
  • And more

All of these functional aspects are particularly important to consider when a product must comply with international standards and specifications. In the design stage, we assist the customer in adhering to any such requirements. This is the purpose of our introduction of the Chain-Ray Quality Function Deployment (QFD) system.

To put it simply, QFD is a quality control technology that is carried out in a systematic and scientific manner for product design and its associated processes. Through QFD, we look at the “what” and the “how” from the product design stage and which materials to use, to which manufacturing method is most suitable, the length of time to product creation, and manufacturing costs. All aspects are taken into consideration to be sure the product life cycle meets the needs and expectations of customers.

Therefore, Chain-Ray can help to

  1. Shorten the product development cycle and accelerate the time to market
  2. Reduce the total cost of products and increase product competitiveness
  3. Decrease the chance of later product design changes
  4. Increase your overall product quality
  5. Improve our client satisfaction, and in turn, the satisfaction of the end customer

So, whether it’s based on your words, sketches, rough ideas, or even intangibles, Chain-Ray can grasp your desired outcomes, shorten the product development cycle, and accelerate the time of market. Meanwhile, there is a close eye kept on total costs involved and product competitiveness throughout the entire process.