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Material Service

As a product designer, you have several main concerns:

  • How can we extend the life of our products?
  • How can we reduce the overall cost of products?
  • How will our product affect the health of users?
  • How can we reduce the product weight?
  • How does our product affect the environment?
  • How does our product meet the quality standards held by different countries?

Most product designers realize that the range of materials that are possible to use are incredibly wide. It’s understandable to keep going back to familiar materials. There may be newer or more advanced solutions, however, that are suitable for products and enhance the overall competitiveness of the product.

Chain-Ray, with more than 200 suppliers all over the world, is more than capable of selecting suitable materials from a systematic material database. It contains more than 25,000 items, and these will be selected based on your product design requirements. Chain-Ray provides you with the composition, specification, price and characteristics of all possible materials, such as

  • Physical properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Thermal properties
  • Flammability

In our properties comparison chart, you’ll be able to view the features that all materials have to offer. We provide material consulting and sales services along with suitable manufacturing and processing recommendations, along with prices for all possible materials. Chain-Ray will guide you through product samples and prototype production, making sure you find the ideal material through our Properties Comparison Chart, allowing you to easily grasp which material will best meet your product needs and budget.

So, when our customer is looking for the perfect materials, there are four steps involved:
  1. The customer informs us of their product requirements that must be considered in the design, such as anti-rust, high hardness, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, and more.
  2. Since Chain-Ray does not have any materials of its own brand, you can rest assured of our objective, professional standpoint. We’ll screen for suitable materials for your products, then give you a property comparison chart of all possible materials. You’ll receive a quotation for all materials, too.
  3. After your prototype has been given a clear outline and all specific properties are discussed, you will have the decision on improving, changing, or strengthening any final target material selection.
  4. After the proper materials for your product are confirmed, the product will be produced in a sample or prototype form. We provide all follow-up services involved in the mold design and mass production. Your products will be precision-made according to the confirmed materials.

Our material services are what our customers truly love. Along with the property comparison chart, they appreciate discussing product requirements, manufacturing and processing methods, and other comprehensive information with our engineering team. In doing so, the customer can grasp the product process in full and estimate the total costs early on. You don’t want to end up choosing cheap materials with expensive manufacturing or processing costs! Our systems allow each customer to achieve the best balance between materials and manufacturing costs.

The Scope of Chain-Ray’s Material Service

When it comes to choosing materials, Chain-Ray has the ability to assist in navigating what can seem like a confusing process. With our experience and database of materials, we’ll ensure that the materials chosen will serve you in creating the product you’ve envisioned. Below, you can read about the various materials our customers have to choose from, as well as case studies from the use of each material.

Chain-Ray believes that the best product must start with the best material selection.
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