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Customer story

We understand: if you’re thinking about partnering with Chain-Ray, you’re curious as to what others have to say about us. There’s nothing like word of mouth to evaluate whether a business partner is the right fit for you -- and we’re proud to say that’s how nearly all our clients find us!

"The most important thing is, you may not speak the language of injection molding, but they will take the time...to walk you through process adjustments...in order to turn your beautiful idea into a beautiful product."

CISCO Meraki

CISCO Meraki is the leading wireless network company in USA. They need assistance to handle the complicated technical from mechanical design to production. By cooperating with Chain-Ray, they found ways to overcome their problems and create a precision product. 

"With Chain-Ray, we get exactly what we specify, and this leads to mass production with very short notice."

Genexis BV

Genexis is the leader of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) products in Europe. Chain-Ray collaborated with Genexis since 2012; Chain-Ray is able to meet their expectations with excellent quality and rapid response to proceed project smoothly. 

"The reason why I would use Chain-Ray is that they come across as very friendly and open. And they have big competence and huge knowledge in prototype, tooling, and manufacturing." 

Shift Design

Shift Design & Strategy is an award-winning design company located in Sweden. We assist them to balance design and obstacle manufacturing issue. They enjoy that Chain-Ray provides complete solutions, rapid product samples, and efficiently reaching that all-important stage of them.

"Chain-Ray offered tooling, injection modeling, and die casting, as well as services in good communication and design suggestion during the process."


Swedlock is the leading brand of mechanical lock system with digital technology. Their smart lock have to go through many manufacturing process. Therefore, their biggest challenge is time pressure. Chain-Ray has been the only service provider capable of quickly and effectively satisfying customer needs and expectations

"When we approached Chain-Ray with a task, they really came through, and made it just in the way we wanted." 



SafeLine is Europe's largest manufacturer specializing in elevator safety products. When they developed a new elevator controller, they were unable to construct a product frame with various thicknesses of plastic needed. But Chain-Ray did it, fully meeting the expectations while shortening their supply chain. 

"My first experience with Chain-Ray was on a very complicated project where we had to fix a plastic part with very tough requirements. Chain-Ray was the only supplier who provided a good solution to us...It always amazes me how when we bring up a problem, they do everything in their power to work out the problem." 



Profoto from Sweden is the world's leading company of photographic lighting equipment. For their product, it’s necessary to integrate variety of mechanical parts perfectly and precisely. Although, the process is complicated, but Chain-Ray proposed suitable solutions and ensured that the company was thrilled with the result.