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About Us

【Overview─Chain-Ray Overview】

Since 2010, Chain-Ray has become well-known as the manufacturing service company that keeps quality, speed, and a professional level of service as its guiding principles. With a reputation for excellence, business is booming! 

Over 80% of our customers are brought to us from word of mouth, and that says a lot about our company and who we are. For years, we’ve worked with companies such as Cisco, the leading brand of wireless network applications in the United States; the Swiss brand SONOVA, who boast the world’s greatest market share of hearing aids; Sweden's Profoto, which ranks among the world's leading photographic lighting equipment, and many more. 

Here’s what you need to know: the customer satisfaction rate with Chain-Ray service is an astounding 97.2%. 

Our customers hail from all over the world, enjoying long-term cooperation and partnerships that stem from our three main business principles: 

(1)We never compromise on quality.

With an incredible return rate of less than 0.2%, you don’t have to second-guess our commitment to every part of the service and manufacturing process. From the initial product design to material selection, prototype making to mass production, all the way to after-sales service, each of these stages are backed by complete quality control. 

Whether plastic material or metal material is needed to make your product, we will fine-tune all aspects of the process to ensure that we meet customer requirements and environmental protection specifications. On the factory side, we’ll confirm that the most suitable manufacturing and processing methods are chosen. These options include plastic injection molding, metal stamping, metal die casting, metal powder metallurgy, silicone casting, metal de-wax casting, and metal injection molding.

We have a team dedicated to supervising the entire progressions through the manufacturing stage, ensuring the factory is adhering to standard operating procedure (SOP) requirements. At the delivery stage, once again, we’ve thought through it all for you. The packaging method used is chosen to keep the product safe while saving on freight costs. 

After having your product delivered, we continue to serve you with regular maintenance, including checking and evaluating the accuracy of the mold used to make your product (with the changing seasons always kept in mind, and the effects these seasons can have on the mold). 

We understand that a defect in a product can add up to tremendous costs in time and money. That’s why we work diligently, confirming the quality at every stage, reducing any risks to our customers. We take that on as our own responsibility to each customer, never compromising. 

(2)We have an unparalleled supply chain.

The business scope of Chain-Ray includes metal materials and plastic materials all the way from the product’s mechanical design to manufacturing. Our team has a knack for integrating resources and performing a high level of problem-solving when it comes to mechanical products. 

Altogether, we have more than 200 suppliers all over the world, who are all ready to serve your needs. With our connections and expert engineers, we have an incredibly diverse and agile supply chain. Our resource capacity is nearly infinite, ready to deploy resources at your disposal and provide support each step of the way, at any time. The suppliers we work with cut across an array of varying industries, giving the advantages of diversified, cross-field thinking. 

If you have any blind spots, we’re here to detect them for you, then provide effective and efficient solutions. 
Here’s a great example: when selecting metal materials or plastic materials, we’ve built a database showing 25,000 different material options. It’s all based on the experience we’ve accrued by serving customers in various fields for over a decade. And we’re constantly updating, too, making sure we have the materials in our database that will meet your company’s unique needs. These include high temperature resistance, cold resistance, low skin sensitivity, and biocompatibility, amongst a wealth of other factors. 

Furthermore, Chain-Ray works with global suppliers to purchase large numbers of various materials, allowing the provision of large-scale customization from a single screw to a large number of different products. Plus, it’s important to procure these materials for our customers, who can avoid product price surges due to market fluctuations. 

Every year, we continue to focus more and more on waste reduction, cutting down on defect rates, and enhancing our overall manufacturing processes. It’s our company’s goal to boost our productivity by 3% each year, which positively impacts any material price fluctuations our customers may have to face. 

(3)We stay objective to save you huge costs.

We’ll screen suitable suppliers and manufacturers, check mechanical design and manufacturing quality, as well as oversee packaging, shipping, and customs declarations. Typically, you’d face contacting a number of companies for each step of the process in design, prototype making, and product delivery. With Chain-Ray, however, you won’t have to worry about playing phone tag with dozens of different people and companies. When any concerns arise, you can minimize company costs and time required to make modifications, knowing Chain-Ray can take care of the details. 

When you work with us, Chain-Ray is your single point of contact. Your product is drawn up according to your needs and specifics. We’ll consult with you to make our best suggestions on the appropriate materials. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry -- we can help with that, too. Then, samples will be made through options like CNC machining or silicone casting at rapid speeds. When you confirm that the prototype making meets your needs, our technical and engineering team will select the most suitable manufacturing process. The options we most commonly use include plastic injection molding, metal stamping processing, metal die casting processing, metal powder metallurgy, metal de-wax casting processing, and metal injection molding.

We strive to get you the product smoothly and on schedule, considering quality, speed, and quantity during every stage. Our on-time delivery rate is 98%, which means a decrease in hidden costs and never excessively using up your valuable time. Thanks to our strong consulting team, rich material database, and experienced in-house engineers and technicians, we can perform all necessary duties through the design and manufacturing process. Our experts include process engineers, mechanical engineers, mold engineers, and quality engineers, performing duties including gatekeeping, supervision, and communicating with customers at all stages of the process. Our supplier information is always transparent, so you’ll know exactly which manufacturers are working to meet your specifications. 

We’re constantly trying to keep cost and quality balanced for our customers. Because we do not have our own materials or factory, we can uphold an impartial, objective position in reducing any costs associated with the design or manufacturing process. We’ll discuss thoughtful suggestions based on our professional opinions and experience, making sure you get high-quality, cost-effective, and highly efficient solutions. 

Our customers are located all over the world, including  Sweden, the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, and more. The fields these customers come from include information technology, as well as the consumer, medical, and automotive industries. 

Chain-Ray’s original location in Taiwan is now buoyed by further branches in Sweden (established in 2013) and the United States (founded in 2018). As we grow, we’ll continue to set up offices in more countries, providing higher and higher numbers of customers with quality local service.