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【Our Culture─Chain-Ray's Culture】

John P. Kotter, the father of leading change, once said, "Corporate culture may become a key factor in determining the rise and fall of a company."
Chain-Ray firmly believes that "A company's culture is defined by all employees." 

Therefore, for our company's sustainable operation, all the employees at Chain-Ray have discussed and decided upon the tenets of our company culture. These principles best embody what Chain-Ray stands for. They’re also an effective way for customers to understand the cultural characteristics that are behind our company. 

  1. Cautious and diligent:We have a rigorous working attitude, care about cost efficiency, and never waste a customer's time or money.
  2. Persistent:We have the perseverance to never compromise in the face of difficulties, do everything possible to solve problems for our customers, and never give up easily. 
  3. Optimistic :We always face new challenges with an optimistic and positive attitude. Every time a new task is presented, a fighting spirit to push oneself to the limit is sparked.
  4. Positive:We are keen to learn, yearn for continuous growth, and are willing to share what we have learned and experienced with others. We especially look forward to growing and sharing with the people around us, including colleagues, customers, and suppliers.
  5. Enjoyable:We can always find fun at work and enjoy what we do.
  6. Teamwork:We will actively contribute everyone's expertise in the team or project for the purpose of value and ideal goals. Because of this, the company is always filled with a pleasant and positive atmosphere of division of labor, working together, and mutual encouragement.