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Manufacturing Service

Most commonly, product managers experience the following concerns:

  • Blind spots in the drawing design that result in problems after entering mass production. Because of these, a number of changes are required to the design drawing after the fact, meaning the time to market will be delayed
  • A lack of information about the related manufacturing processes of the materials. Often, companies will only reuse materials and processes they’re already familiar with, limiting the advancement of new products
  • The equipment used by various suppliers is always different. If a company works with only a few, you must accept any limitations of your current supplier’s technology, meaning your ideal product may not be produced
  • WIthout various types of mechanical engineering experts to brainstorm ideas, a new product cannot break through the existing framework in meeting or exceeding the market’s expectations
  • Serious gaps can exist between a prototype and finished product when the product materials in each stage aren’t the same, leaving you wondering what to do

With each of these concerns, Chain-Ray can fill the gap. From product design concept to drawing conceptions, to feasibility analysis and the manufacturing process and material selection, all the way through to testing, assembly, and logistics, we provide comprehensive and complete services.

Chain-Ray offers a single window for communication, quality control, and problem-solving. Every aspect is the responsibility of our team, making sure our team of mechanical engineering experts provides you with the resolution you want.