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Advantage 4 Integration of suppliers and manufacturers

Chain-Ray is innovative in both manufacturing process and in meeting customer needs, thanks to our highly diversified resources.

Our customers come from fields including internet communication technology (ICT), industry, the consumer sector, and automobiles. In order to meet each customer’s needs and leverage their competitive advantage, along with constantly generating new products, we partner with our clients to think outside of the box.

Therefore, innovation is a big part of what we do, both with design and manufacturing. We brainstorm with our partners, our in-house experts, and research institutes to achieve process innovation from beginning to end. It’s one of the main reasons that our customers love us!

Chain-Ray offers mechanical engineering experts from different sources with our 200-plus suppliers and manufacturers as backup. Additionally, since we don’t have our own factory, we have cross-field manufacturing experience. As such, our knowledge within one certain sector can be used to benefit a company in an entirely different sector. Our customers have access to a range of other processes we’ve used in the past, which can help each successfully complete the ideal product.

Case Study: Chain-Ray gets competing manufacturers willing to discuss innovative processes together to successfully complete a customer's magnetic microphone.

An ICT customer from surveillance(network camera) sector who requires to implement the new feature, air monitor, on their new generation surveillance. Chain-Ray has to select the medical grade material because it can avoid the smell from aging material and we also have innovative manufacturing process (like automobile or industrial level) to produce product for avoiding product aging. That is our cross-field experiences for ICT customer.