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ECO-Friendly Materials

Today's product designers are under the pressure of the UN initiative, the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and environmental protection laws and regulations in various countries. When choosing materials, how to balance product function and environmental protection laws and regulations has become an irreversible trend. In particular, the global Top 500 companies in the world have begun to build green supply chains, including TSMC, Apple, General Motors, P&G, and others. Recycled materials and biomaterials are more and more becoming highly favored by companies all around the world.

However, when designing products, how do designers choose the right environmentally friendly materials for key parts from the many materials available? At the same time, product designers must also avoid risking the overall quality of the product. As such, evaluating environmentally friendly materials has become a challenging priority for many companies.

In view of this, Chain-Ray’s extensive material database has a detailed material property table, which can help customers to evaluate raw material composition, physical properties, and material safety information in an efficient manner. At the same time, Chain-Ray can analyze which environmentally friendly materials are most appropriate and make samples for customers to further understand the impact of these materials on the overall product function and quality.

Case Sharing: The EU's First Fiber-to-the-Home Product Supplier

The leader of the EU's number one fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) product was feeling the pressure to apply new communication technology, design products in a timely manner, and manufacture quickly to get to the desired market launch date. In 2014, this customer launched a home router. At the last moment, before product samples were prepared, the customer decided to make a change: they wanted to increase the number of LAN ports to eight. Thanks to Chain-Ray’s rapid responsiveness, we reacted to this modification and were able to produce the desired product within the limited timeframe. The customer was thrilled with Chain-Ray’s resilience, speed, and quality!

Perhaps most noteworthy was the recent rise in price for the raw materials needed for this product. Chain-Ray, however, assists customers in choosing environmentally friendly materials, which means that prices are relatively stable and not as affected by market fluctuations. Product prices and revenue can be maintained, which is particularly important when placing bids for government projects.