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Our Colleagues─Chain-Ray’s Colleagues

At Chain-Ray, " Valuable orientated" is the corporate vision that stands out above the rest.
We start from enhances our employee’s value and capability. Within the company, we see our employees as the protagonist, within the company, providing them the flexibility to act independently and run their department. They are becoming an epic squad because they are agile, quickly responding to the demands and difficulties of clients. Every employee is an MVP in the eyes of our clients (most valuable player).

Design and Manufacturing Service

Kevin Kuo

Alex Wu

IChi Chen

Candie Chiu

Alex Tsai

Alvin Chiu

Ashley Tseng

Charlie Liao

Doris Hung

Eden Chen

Grace Liu

Geoff Pan

Jess Lin

Una Huang

Managing Director's Office

Allen Wu

Mavis Fan

Stanley Fan

Operation Management

Doreen Teng

Eva Tien

Misha Tung

Melody Tseng

Ryna Tu


Elaine Liu

June Chen

Project Management

Jessie Tu

Iris Chang

Weichen Lee

Agnes Chiang

Andrew Wang

Caspar Liu

Gary Peng

Jessica Wang

Laila Yeh

Tiffany Fan

Vincent Wang

Vanessa Lin

Wei Lin

Quality Engineering

Ares Chiou

Chris Yu

Ann Lin

Claire Huang

Heero Lin

Leon Shen

Nancy Lee

Sonic Lu

Vincent Chang

Process Integration Engineering

Joseph Peng

CH Chen

Din Chang

Jeffrey Hsieh

Sean Chi

Production Support

Edwin Lu

Molding Development Engineering

William Weng

Brian Wu

Emos Ke

Felix Yang

Joyce Wu

Jeter Wen

Global Resource Planning

CJ Lee

Peggy Wu

Vivian Chen

Wesley Tseng

Information Technology

Evan Hsu

Human Resource & Administration

Wendy Chen

Riley Chuang


Dillon Yuan

Jack Yu