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【Our Vision─Chain-Ray's Vision】

We seek to provide value to employees, customers, suppliers, and the whole of society.

  • Doing so has to begin within our team. We see our employees as our most precious asset, and take constant action to help them become their best selves.
    We provide education, training, and subsidies to nurture our employees’ talents and abilities. At the same time, they’re given a stage to show off their capabilities and skills, allowing them to accumulate experience, self-confidence, and self-worth. 
  • We regard our customers as partners, connecting with them to allow us to grow together, working hand-in-hand to achieve a better product. 
    Our pursuit isn’t just to satisfy our customers, but to constantly exceed their expectations. At the same time, we assist our customers in continuously breaking through challenges, achieving better products, and creating a better life for consumers and all of society. 
  • Our suppliers are seen as Chain-Ray’s indispensable, loyal teammates, and we look forward to prospering with them.
    To exceed our customers’ expectations, we must assist our suppliers in optimizing their processes. Only by partnering in this manner can we create new opportunities within the industry, and lead the industry toward greater sustainability. 
  • We’re in the same boat with everyone else in society. Human beings can only be better if they work better together. 
    With the impact of climate change and social change, we realize that only practical actions will create environmental sustainability or even improve the environment. In doing so, we ensure mankind can continue developing, and create a better society for all.