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Design Service

As a R&D manager, what are you worrying about? Some of the following might sound pretty familiar to you!

  • How do you take an idea for a design through to design conceptualization?
  • How can you turn a simple sketch into real objects through design?
  • How can you be cost-competitive for your particular product?
  • How will your product pass the highest level of regulations through design?
  • How can you make your product quality higher than market expectations by using design?

Remember: when you are looking for a design solution, you must consider the type of designer that you’re cooperating with. Are they an industrial designer? Mechanical designer? The design of mechanical parts is far more restrictive when compared to industrial design. You have to consider factors that go beyond appearance, user experience, and ergonomics. The manufacturing technology, assembly conditions, test standards, maintenance requirements, and cost must also be detailed. Additionally, there are the environmental concerns that need to be involved in any design that is made. Each aspect must be considered to strike the best possible balance.

Chain-Ray, as a professional mechanical engineering partner, utilizes a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) methodology. At the beginning of the product design phase, design for each different product’s life cycle is taken into consideration.


Well, according to statistics:

  • Product design determines 75%-85% of product cost, and the introduction of QFD can reduce product cost by more than 30%
  • 80% of product quality problems occur in the design stage, and the introduction of QFD can reduce the probability of later design changes by 40-60%
  • Product design will affect the product development cycle, and the introduction of QFD can shorten product development time by about 50%


Therefore, when customers hand over the process of product design to Chain-Ray, they not only need to face a single point of contact, but also enjoy five other major benefits:
  1. Effectively reduce overall costs
  2. Reduce the number of design changes needed
  3. Significantly shorten the product development cycle
  4. A one-stop service from product structure design to material consultation, prototype making to evaluation of manufacturing methods, all the way through to product mass production, packaging and delivery, and even after-sales service.
  5. Allow customers to focus on their core business while we take care of the details

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