Anne Chang

Anne Chang has been in charge of the production department since 1983. The department includes injection molding and assembly.

Time to market is important for many customers. We therefore always well plan the production schedule in order to deliver as fast as possible.

Today, we achieve our customer’s production needs from:

Factory in Taiwan

Factory in East of China

Factory in South of China

Our skilled operators daily handle tons of plastic resin and deliver hundreds of cartons to customers worldwide.

The plastic team currently operates 28.0000 sq. m. facilities, equivalent of several football fields, with more than 100 injection molding machines. The production control team has more than 30 years of experience and always makes sure our customers receive products of very high standard.

Below are some of the plastic injection parts we have made

Blow are the plastic injection that we have offered:

Plastic Housing

Two Color Molding

Insert Modling

Precision Injection Molding

Completely Light Product


Frame of Touch Screen