CHAIN-RAY’s specialties

CHAIN-RAY is a provider of customized products and services by…

  • Distributed Manufacturing

Knowing how to do good production is not enough to offer you the products with best quality. CHAIN-RAY has a team handling distributed manufacturing for material, assembly, packaging, logistics…etc. We distribute the manufacturing geographically to find the best suppliers in each profession. CHAIN-RAY now has suppliers in Asia, Europe and America, and we aim to develop more. This is not only to make CHAIN-RAY have agile supply chains worldwide, but also to guarantee that all products you receive are of the best quality.

  • Rapid Responsive Manufacturing(RRM)

CHAIN-RAY offers a wide range of customized services. We know it requires lots of discussion in the development stage. Therefore, our group has implemented RRM to our organization structure since 2010 by adjusting all parts of our organization from material planning, production control, supply chain management, administration…etc. According to our customer survey, as a result, fast respond time has become one of the most appreciated services. Moreover, our on-time delivery rate has increased from 95% to 98%. This structure makes us very flexible and allows us to adapt to changes.

  • Mass Customization

With our six different factories and our suppliers worldwide, we purchase a very high amount of different raw materials every year, and we are able to share resources across them. This creates our specialty of mass customization. We can offer you a variety of customized options, and we are able to produce a high volume of products. From a single screw to big amounts of finished products, your products can all be customized, and you can be shared the price of high volume at same time.