Darming Fu

Yan-Yi Zhong

The metal department is led by Mr. Darming Fu and Mr. Yan-Yi Zhong. They have led different metal departments the past 10 years and have been in the metal industry for over 30 years. Thanks to their commitment and reluctance to compromise quality, the metal department has been important for the building of valuable relationships with customers around the world.

  • Stamping

We offer stamping using both progressive and transfer tools. Today, we operate nine punching machines, twelve bending machines, three laser-cutting machines, and one NCT punching machine with a total weight of 200 tons. We offer complex 3D geometrics with tight tolerances in volumes from a few samples to high volumes.

  • Die Casting

We offer die casting of aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts using high efficiency machines. Many of the die casting parts we produce are delivered to companies with very high quality standards. Thanks to continued cooperation with customers worldwide, we expanded the die casting facility in 2014 and are now able to provide even better service.

  • CNC Machining

We mill and turn parts of different shapes and sizes. Aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and acrylic are common materials in our production. We use machining as secondary process or to make a finished product based on customer request. The goal is to optimize the shape, surface, and structure.

For many customers metal parts are an important part of their product. Because we collaborate across the supply chain, including brand owners (OEM), industrial designers, and plastic manufacturing, we are able to differentiate and add value to our customer’s products with customized aesthetic, ergonomic, or decorative touches.