Our three main beliefs

  • Customer’s right

CHAIN-RAY has customer-oriented service. Customer’s right is our first consideration. Our decision making and action are all based on you.

  • Employee’s self-development

Employee’s self-development is our main goal. We never stop developing ourselves, and that is where we gain achievement. It also helps us adapt quickly to any market changes.

  • Rigorous, Courage and Perseverance

We solve problems by our rigorous attitude. We breakthrough limitations by our courage. We accomplish your tasks by our perseverance.

Design and Manufacturing Service

Kevin Kuo

I Chi Chen

Candie Chiu


Harper Chien

Cindy Chen

Alex Wu

Roger Lai

Tommy Yu


Operation Management

Mavis Fan

Elaine Liu

Mita Tsai

Misha Tung

Anita Liao

Alicia Chen

Sophia Chang


Project Management

Steven Chou

Rebecca Liu

Jack Lin

Kelly Lo

Kelly Lo


Quality Engineering

Jacky Wu

Carl Hsu

Ann Lin

Ivan Huang

Theodore (2)

Theodore Lee


Process Integration Engineering

CH Chen

Sean Chi


Production Support

Edwin Lu

Ben Tseng


William Weng

Global Resource Planning

Rita Ho

Winnie Hsiung

Wesley Tseng

Information Techlogy

Josh Lin

Josh Lin

Human Resource & Administration

Wendy Chen

Ponnie Hsu

Ponnie Hsu

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