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The Green Project – Guanyin Beach Clean Up 2023

Despite rapid technological advancements, the most complex machines are still unable to eradicate the simplest issue- littering. While the phrase "protect our environment" rolls off the tongue, it's a sad reality that on the wide, open beaches, plastic bottles still manage to photobomb everyone’s picture.

We are serious about environmental pollution. We believe it is only through collective efforts can we reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the harm we cause to the environment. In response to the growing awareness of sustainable environmental practices, Chain-Ray initiated a cleanup event at Guanyin Beach in the latter half of 2023. Action speaks louder than words; we invited all our partners, friends, and family to participate in restoring the cleanliness of the beach.

Strong winds and swirling sand were unable to stop us from working together to pick up scattered trash on the beach. Thanks to everyone's effort and teamwork, we collected a total of 204 kilograms of garbage and waste! Through this cleanup event, we emphasized our commitment on environmental conservation and embodied the value of giving back to the community. "Sustainable development" is not just a catchphrase; it’s a long-term battle that all of us need to partake.

Since the establishment of Chain-Ray, we have continuously strived to provide greater value for our employees, suppliers, customers, and the society; we don’t plan to stop.🌱💚