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The Green Project – Guanyin Beach Clean Up

Chain-Ray was honored to have the CEO of Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation, Mr. Dong-Liang Lin (林東良), accept our proposal to join “Marine Debris and Daily Life”.  The foundation traces the connection between marine debris and daily life through long-term beach cleaning and investigations of microplastics. In order to reduce the impact on our natural environment, these investigations figure out the origins of these plastics and the foundation also would like to promote the ideology that humans live in harmony with Mother Nature. Before the beach cleaning, Mr. Lin mentioned that we all could take the time to reflect on whether or not we have implemented proper recycling and garbage classification. Have we been using disposable plastic utensils for convenience or simply out of laziness, or using disposable tableware while eating out? All the straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, and even plastic particles in maintenance and cleaning products we use, actually, may have unknowingly taken countless sea animal lives and caused irreversible damage to the marine environment.

The endless coastline is full of thousands of different kinds of waste. The rising tide and the waves that come with it carry this trash into the boundless ocean. Marine creatures begin to eat plastic bags, see PET bottles as their home, and even get trapped from fishery waste such as lines and nets. A moment of convenience for human beings has lethal effects on the marine environment.  So now comes the question, “How can we rescue the ocean world from serious amounts of pollution?” The answer to this question is a global issue that everyone must face.

On September 24th, Chain-Ray launched the second “Green Project” in 2022, inviting all the members, their families, and friends to participate in this clean up and to pay tribute to the ocean with practical actions. Even though, we encountered extremely strong winds with sand and rain obscuring our sight, it was hard to ignore the beach overwhelmed by wastes, such as plastic products, medical waste, styrofoam and nylon ropes. However, after picking up 365 kilograms of debris, there was still countless amounts of waste scattered across the beach, which also makes everyone think about the necessity of plastic reduction.

As mentioned in the lecture “Marine Debris and Life”, casual actions in daily life can become life-saving measures for the marine environment. Beach cleaning can gradually restore the messy coastline to its original appearance, but the changes people make in their everyday lives matters even more. By developing the habit of reducing plastic/disposable plastic products, curing the addiction of temporary convenience, and pursuing the virtues of reducing, reusing and recycling, people can enjoy the beauty and preciousness of the environment. At the same time, we must take actions to protect the Earth and cherish it! As we all know, we only have one Earth, therefore, it is vital that we take care of it!