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Chain-Ray Green Project – Arbor Day! Let’s plant a tree!

"Arbor Day" is a highly significant commemorative day and a festival that emphasizes environmental conservation activities. Since the industrial age, discussions on issues such as land reclamation, deforestation, ecological imbalance, and environmental pollution have gradually gained momentum. In recent years, the severity of climate change has intensified, with the greenhouse effect exerting a greater influence globally that has subsequently triggered frequent natural disasters and ecological crises. People around the world have had to face the importance of environmental conservation, land greening, and sustainable development. While beautifying cities, we must emphasize the significance of environmental conservation and join hands in the defense of the Earth! 

In Taiwan, Arbor Day is celebrated annually on March 12th. This special festival is not limited to activities on that day alone but aims to raise public awareness of environmental and ecological balance, inspiring and mobilizing everyone to protect the Earth! To promote green environmental protection and ecological conservation, Chain-Ray participated in a tree-planting event organized by the Taoyuan City Government, we firmly rooted ourselves in Net Zero Emissions, restored wild forests, and together planted 6 trees and 1,100 shrubs! Although the moment of tree planting is short, it carries profound meaning and vitality. Not only does it enhance the charm of greening through practical actions, but it also nurtures vitality for the land, carrying forward the spirit of ecological conservation and environmental sustainability. We believe that together, we can witness the Earth's sustainability. 🌏🌱💚


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