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Chain-Ray’s Twelve-Year Anniversary

Chain-Ray has surpassed the 12-year mark, growing and thriving along the way.
Every member of our company is greatly appreciated for their dedication and support they give to the company. To celebrate this glorious moment and the bright future that lies ahead, a special event was planned. We were honored to have ultramarathoner, Mr. Tommy Chen (陳彥博), accept our invitation to be the keynote speaker and to share his professional and life experience at the event. In his speech, there were mixed emotions, which ranged from gloom and sadness to joy and exhilaration. 

In his speech Chen outlined that he had to face every race and only he could tackle all the associated stresses, fears, efforts, and challenges of an ultramarathon. Chen was diagnosed with throat cancer, yet he never gave up. To regain his form, he worked towards his goals whilst going through chemotherapy and surgeries. He continued running in extreme and challenging conditions, from freezing polar regions to the scorching desert, with resolve to finishing every race. When he was 30, Chen was the first Asian to become the champion of the 4 Deserts Race Series in 2016. In 2022, and on his birthday, Chen finished third for the 250 km Ultra X Race Championships in Slovenia. As Chen states, “Impossible” is just an opinion, not a fact. Our choices and opinions can determine our future and be the person we want to be! Run for dream”.

Recently, there are more and more members joining Chain-Ray. To develop stronger relationships between members, we held a team building activity at the event. Through group activities and competitions, we learnt how to get out of the ‘work context’ and re-learn cooperation. The activities and competitions allowed each member to get to know each other and communicate across departments. To start, the groups used a pen and string to connect all group members and connected them together representing perseverance and trust. A unique group name that came from brainstorming was also created. The next activity was building a tower. The groups had to create a stable tower frame made of fragile spaghetti. Next the groups made a paper airplane which brought back childhood memories for some members. Each paper airplane was carrying the efforts and expectations of members, forwarded bravely without any fears as if symbolized the persistence in 12 years among Chain-Ray! Finally, everyone had to find out each member via particular facts in the forms and make their acquaintance once identified in this game. The atmosphere during the games was one of excitement, energy, and delectation. Regardless of which department or occupation all strode towards the end together and greeted the joy of success.