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A meaningful activity – Beach Cleaning

As a total solutions provider for institutional components, Chain-Ray not only promotes recyclable plastics, but is also committed to "green" living.

Last weekend (11/28), we took advantage of the Saturday holiday to go to the beach near our office for a beach cleanup. In just a few hours, we collected 230 kg of garbage, including 20 kg of PET bottles, 150 kg of garbage and 60 kg of fishing nets.

Chain-Ray encourages our colleagues to participate in the beach clean-up activities, not only to fulfill our social responsibility, but also to see the beaches covered by human-made garbage, and to use our hands to return the sea to a beautiful beach free of garbage pollution, through our personal experience, we truly realize the seriousness of marine garbage, and are willing to take the initiative to reduce the production of garbage in our daily life, such as carrying environmental protection bags and not using plastic bags. We are willing to take the initiative to reduce the amount of garbage produced in our daily life, such as carrying eco-bags, not using plastic bags, etc. By starting from the root of garbage reduction, the global environment will be pure again one day.

We hope that Chain-Ray employees can make their own influence to realize the company's vision and create higher value for the society.