Customer Story

We constantly strive to improve our services and meet our customer’s expectations. Over the past years, we have delivered valuable solutions to a wide range of customers. Below you will find a few of our customer testimonials.

  • CISCO Meraki

American leading wireless company has been using CHAIN-RAY’s service since 2010. More than half of their products are made by CHAIN-RAY using plastic injection, metal stamping, and die casting parts. Meraki’s products require very precise dimensions when assembled with plastic and metal parts, and we offer total solutions for them.

  • Genexis BV

A leader of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) products from the Netherlands has worked with CHAIN-RAY since 2012. CHAIN-RAY is not just working with them for their new products, but also helping Genexis to arrange logistics and customs in China. All they need is just let us know their needs and requirements, and we will provide for them.

  • Shift Design

CHAIN-RAY has worked with a Swedish based company that does industrial and mechanical design for global customers. We have provided Shift Design various prototype services as well as valuable advice in relation to mass production. This allowed Shift Design to discuss their design with customers at an early stage. It also enabled Shift Design to clarify if their design could be made ready for mass production.