CHAIN-RAY, a ray of supply chain, is established with the mission of higher value for the customers, suppliers, employees, and society.

CHAIN-RAY is established as an independent company from the division of our mother company CHUNGHUA Group. The purpose of separation is to optimize the business for all the stakeholders. We combine all the contact windows from our six factories into one. Additionally, we have the advantages of central purchasing, logistics, warehouse control, and other sourcing services for our customers. Today, CHAIN-RAY represents not only CHUNGHUA Group but also a network of partners with 34 years of cooperation. CHAIN-RAY is a cluster of valuable subcontractors and provides outsourcing services to our customers globally, As a result of our efforts, we are able to donate some part of profit every month to local schools in Taiwan.

That is the higher value for customers, suppliers, employees, and society.


Headquarter at Taoyuan, Taiwan

Future Plan

In 2013, we established our Swedish branch in Jönköping, Sweden in order to create a bridge to our clients and make CHAIN-RAY more accessible and transparent. We plan to set up additional offices in the Netherlands, Germany and United States in the coming years to offer our quality services in different locations.

Important References

Since 1976, we have been providing our services directly and indirectly to the following customers :