Since 1995, the department of Electric & Electronic Production has been established for some customers from computer industry.
With more investments in the following years, we have also begun to serve more customers for more sophisticated products from the industries of Network Communication, Car Electronics, Mobile and Video & Audio Products.

There are around 200 people in this team with 24 hours operation. We have the best practice guided by standard operational process, clear recorder/documents and continual improvement.

6 SMT Lines

Line A

Daily capacity: appr. 75,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=1,500,000(pcs)

Line B

Daily capacity: appr. 75,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=1,500,000(pcs)

Line C

Daily capacity: appr. 65,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=1,300,000(pcs)

Line D

Daily capacity: appr. 75,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=1,500,000(pcs)

Line 2A

Daily capacity: appr. 25,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=500,000(pcs)

Line 2C

Daily capacity: appr. 65,000(pcs)x20(hrs)=1,300,000(pcs)

Auto Optical Inspection

Inspection Equipment: X-ray machine

Inspection, Qquality assurance


There are two insertion lines. Insertion can be operated at either side of the lines, which are equipped with trimming devices and large dry ovens.

The wave solder machine is 4.5 meters extended type (RoHS Compliance Process), with an auto spray damping machine installed inside. Flux is sprayed evenly on PCB, which is then conveyed through a two meters pre-heating area, and eventually a good effect of the tin absorbance.

In order to maximize client satisfy on outgoing quality, the maintenance line is equipped with the constant temperature of solder iron and heat dissipation paste machine, ICT and bar code reader etc.


There are several test lines, which are set up to perform various tests in order to cope with the strict standard.


There are 2 assembly lines, which is set up to assembly various OEM products in order to meet client’ demands.


The packing line is 15 meters long and is able to pack various types of products. It is flexible for model changes and has unified quality.

With the resources above,
we believe we can be close to you as your own production department and provide you the logistic services.