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Chain-Ray 10-year anniversary

This year was Chain-Ray’s 10-year anniversary! Without the support of our customers, suppliers and every member at Chain-Ray, we would not have reached this important milestone. As it is a special and important year to celebrate, we organized a series of events to honor everyone that has been a part of this wonderful achievement.


We invited Taiwanese ultramarathon runner Yi Chieh Lin(林義傑) and Haiyong Studio Chief Executive Chen Renping(陳人平).

Yi Chieh Lin shared his inspiring story about his completion of the Gobi March in 2003 and 2006, the Atacama Crossing in 2004, the Sahara Race in 2005, and the Last Desert in 2006 to become one of the first 4 Deserts Champions in the 4 Deserts series.

As Yi Chieh proves, nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. Just as Yi Chieh always persevered through tough times, Chain-Ray‘s members also persisted with a positive attitude through projects, despite the challenges and obstacles we faced.

In addition, we had the pleasure of hearing from Haiyong Studio Chief Executive Chen Renping(陳人平). Haiyong Studio is committed to protecting the ocean. Through video and pictures, Chen Renping gave us a better understanding of the seriousness of marine pollution. His talk had profound meaning and lead all at Chain-Ray to focus on introspection of our lives. As he constantly emphasized, we can start making small changes in our lives, which in turn will contribute to a better environment. As a mechanical solution provider, Chain-Ray not only applies this principle by using PCR(Post Consumer Resin) for more and more products, but also helps to contribute to sustainable growth for our customers.

【Gala Dinner】

To celebrate this milestone with our suppliers, we organized a gala dinner. Apart from great food and entertainment, it was a wonderful time for all participants to mingle and meet one another. This was an occasion for us to thank everyone for supporting Chain-Ray.

As this year was our anniversary, we have received a lot of messages from our customers all over the world, expressing their feelings and experiences with Chain-Ray. The words of encouragement thrilled everyone at Chain-Ray. Chain-Ray really appreciates everyone’s support and help over the years! We look forward to working closely with you now and in the future!