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A meaningful activity – Beach Cleaning

As a Mechanical Manufacturer, Chain-Ray not only promotes the recycle plastic but also does our best to live “Green” lives.

With the oceans facing threats such as pollution (mainly plastic), last weekend Chain-Ray’s members went to clean beach near our company! On Saturday 28 Nov, we dedicated our day to making the beach naturally beautiful.


Despite chilly winds, our team worked enthusiastically to help save the environment and marine life. We are proud to say that in just a few hours, we collected 230 kilograms trash, including 20 kg of PET bottles, 150 kg of garbage, and 60 kg of fishing net.


Cleaning up beaches that are covered in trash that is made by humans is not only to implement social responsibility, but also to let our members recognize the issue of marine debris first hand, and thus realize the need to reduce the amount of garbage we produce in our everyday lives!


We hope Chain-Ray can lead by example and that other companies and individuals will do similar environmental work in the future.